Developing High Achievers

Effective Personal Productivity

What makes a person highly productive while the person sitting next to you remains unproductive?  What drives an individual to success while others watch the clock?  Attitude, self-image, and direction!  Productivity is the well-spring of success and a basic part of human nature, yet many lack the guidance they need to achieve.

LMI’s Effective Personal Productivity will assist people in:

  • Evaluating their attitude and making productive behavioral changes.
  • Increasing productivity through controlling priorities.
  • Thriving in a learning environment.
  • Communicating more effectively.
  • Becoming a team player.
  • Setting goals and achieveing quick results.
  • Dealing with interruptions effectively.

Our business and people we work with offer thought-provoking exercises and questionnaires that motivate people to achieve higher productivity. Our sessions allow them to answer the question such as; How should I use my time?  What outside influences affect my goals and performance?  Am I spending the right amount of time on each task that I do?

Through insightful planning guides, process participants are called upon to crystallize their thinking and schedule specific action steps to achieve their vision and goals for the future. Effective Personal Productivity is an active process that is continuous and offers long-term benefits to your company.

Becoming A Total
Person ®

Effective Personal Leadership

When you get down to it, it all starts here.  From entry-level to senior executives, every person takes on importance as they represent your company to the outside world, and interact within your organization. Their self-image and motivation are crucial to how they perform, respond, and lead.

LMI’s Effective Personal Leadership program assists people in:

  • Realizing their potential for personal leadership through building strengths, improving self-image and motivation.
  • Overcoming obstacles to leadership.
  • Making choices for success by overcoming past conditioning.
  • Experiencing self-motivation by changing attitudes, behaviors, and habits.
  • Developing a written, and specific success plan.

Our Business and Personal Plans of Action offer thought-provoking exercises and questionnaires that guide people to the heart of their value system.  With our personal leadership program, you will be able to achieve your dream and get an answer to questions such as how do I see myself in the future?  What is my mission, and what are my strengths and opportunities to achieve it?

Through insightful guides, participants are called upon to brain-storm their thinking and schedule specific action steps to achieve their goals and visions for the future.

Personal Leadership is the self-confident ability to nourish your thinking while establishing the exact direction for your own life, to commit yourself to move in that direction, and then to take determined action to acquire, accomplish, or become whatever you identify as the ultimate goal for your life.

Achieving Goals Via People

Effective Management Development®

Every business needs good management.  Managers are key in every operation and are deemed to have the ability to create a motivational environment for everyone.  Effective managers make good decisions for business and the workforce at the right time and produce great results.

LMI’s Effective Management Development program will assist managers in:

  • Assuming leadership responsibility
  • Managing goals
  • Getting results through time management
  • Empowering other people
  • Balancing authority and power productively
  • Developing a written and specific Plan of Action for success

Balance The Role Of Leadership

Effective Leadership Development®

The majority of managers and supervisors lack the leadership and skills necessary to fulfill their positions.  For example, failing to delegate tasks promptly results in working long hours and fighting the burn-out.

LMI’s Effective Leadership Development program assists managers in:

  • Motivating people to a higher level of productivity
  • Getting more done through time management
  • Learning the art of delegation and giving direction
  • Exercising authority effectively
  • Handling and preventing problems with people
  • Developing the potential of employees

Getting Results Through Communication

Effective Communication®

Miscommunications cost organizations millions each year.  Becoming an effective communicator can be learned without experiencing hard lessons.  It takes an understanding of human behavior, response, and communication styles.  Effective communication is an engaging and continuous process that offers long-term growth and benefits for your company.

LMI’s Effective Communication program assists people in:

  • Understanding styles of behavior and various ways of communicating
  • Learning the art of active listening
  • Overcoming communication barriers and improve communication skills
  • Communicating in groups – from planning to presenting
  • Solving problems through communication

Improving Team Performance

Effective Team Dynamics®

When a team works both effectively and efficiently, everyone wins.  A successful team is an example of synergy at work – that is, accomplishing more as a team, then individuals could by working alone.

LMI’s Effective Team Dynamics program assists organizations in:

  • Developing high-performance teamwork
  • Working together to achieve team goals
  • Assuming responsibility and accountability
  • Handling challenges through team communication
  • Creating mutual trust, support, and collaboration

Focusing On Sales Results

Getting an Effective Selling Strategies

Successful salespeople are focused, self-motivated, and have clear goals.  They enjoy engaging with people and understand the significance of the desire to be of service.  Additionally, they are also aware of the “basics” of professional selling.

LMI’s Effective Selling Strategies program assist people in:

  • Learning the art of prospecting
  • Preparing an effective presentation
  • Recognizing buying signals and discover prime buying motives
  • Becoming an expert closer
  • Delivering exceptional customer service

Becoming The Total Leader

Effective Motivational Leadership®

Since the world of business has evolved in recent times, the need for effective leaders has skyrocketed.  For firms to develop truly empowered and innovative enterprises, they must develop leaders throughout the organization.

LMI’s Effective Motivational Leadership program will assist you in:

  • Understanding what it takes to become an effective motivational leader
  • Building and communicate your vision for the future
  • Creating winning teams for the 21st Century
  • Leading organizational change and innovation
  • Creating an organization of leaders

Implement Strategic Leadership

Effective Strategic Leadershipâ„¢

Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization.  A strategic leader can define and develop the purpose of the organization, the key strategies, the optimum structure, the right people in the right roles, and the most effective processes for the organization to succeed.

LMI’s Effective Strategic Leadership program will help you:

  • Clarify your strategic purpose: why you exist
  • Complete a comprehensive strategic assessment: where you stand now
  • Create your strategic development: where you want to go
  • Implement your strategic execution: make your strategy happen