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After working with several businesses, both nationally and internationally, we had an opportunity in 1996 to start a company that was centered on assisting others in becoming successful in reaching their goals. With a passion for serving and dedication, we have been helping clients maximize their business productivity and profitability through motivating their greatest asset – the people.

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About Our Partnership with

Leadership Management International

Leadership Management International was founded in 1966 by Paul J. Meyers, has partnered with businesses throughout the world in providing them with the resources to develop the talents and abilities of their people.  We are an LMI affiliate, whose process has been documented to improve performance and increase productivity, resulting in improved profitability to the organization.

We help businesses expand by providing consultation and providing a road map to clients to enter to seek out new opportunities. Our mission is to assist companies in becoming successful in reaching their goals, maximizing their business productivity and profitability.

Our personal development and training sessions help managers from the entry-level to understand all aspects of running and managing a business. We also consult them about the developing business environment to generate leads, engage customers, and to minimize the customer gap.

Our client diversity, together with years of experience in the industry, improves our capability for understanding your unique requirements. We are focused and do everything possible to provide benchmark services that assist businesses in reaching their short and long-term goals.

We bring the ambition, innovation, path to motivation for startups and companies. Our strategies include the best practices, plans, and roadmap, similar to Fortune 100 companies. When you work with us, you will realize that we have a personalized approach to every solution and use clear and fact-based views and statistics of your business and industry to come up with potential improvements.

Through our years of experience, we provide insights, foster innovation, and drive creativity. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively help business, transfer knowledge, train their employees, motivate teams, and create a balance between personal and business life. After working with us, our clients have realized immediate and sustainable change, motivation among their team members, and more efficient and effective operations.

We also regularly monitor the performance of our clients to ensure that they are heading towards their targets and understand the different aspects of their business and industry. Our consultants also provide you with cases and illustrations of policies, reports, and plans to help you get a concept of how the standards, operations, and the process can be met concisely and efficiently.